Cherry Blossoms :)

It was a crazy weather week here.  It had been cool, so the cherry blossoms were delayed.  On Monday I went for a bike ride on the VA side of the river, and looking back at DC you could see some patches of pink, but not the sea of blossoms that you generally expect.  Then, all of a sudden, it was hot and they all seemed to pop!  I did not get back to downtown and the Tidal Basin, but I did fit in a “camera walk” of a nearby neighborhood street.  This is how it looks as you approach this section…


And then bit by bit some close-ups…you can tell by the bit of green that these blossoms won’t last long!


But check out the blooms themselves!




Even the ground is pretty with all of the fallen petals – sometimes it looks like it is snowing!




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4 responses to “Cherry Blossoms :)

  1. Barbara

    Beautiful! You have satisfied my desire to see the cherry blossoms – I have been missing them – and you!

  2. So pretty! My street is lined with cherry trees, but we’ve a way to go yet…

  3. That’s so pretty! I really miss spring. Instead of pretty cherry blossom trees, we have monkeypod trees everywhere. 😛

  4. The fallen petals are so pretty. I wish I had some in my neighborhood!

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