Check, check, double check!

Who knew that April would absolutely just fly by?  Yesterday was a sewing day for DC Modern Quilt Guild. We met at the Arlington Central Library instead of the Westover Library as it had a much larger meeting room.  Isn’t it wonderful that we have so many quilters that we need a larger room?  Any who, sad to say…I had not sewn since the last meeting on March 17.  That is a long time for me, but there have been so many other have-to-do types of things.  I was determined to start off with some of the sewing that I needed to do…

First up was the Stargazer block for Creative Sun for April for the Simply Solids Bee. Creativesun's stars blockJune is my month, so I need to get started thinking about whatblock I want to have my bee buddies make.

Next up were the QAWII packages that I received recently.  First up was to work on Mammafairy’s block.  I had already looked at the set of blocks and brought the starter block with me and some good fabric.  I decided to make the  Quatrefoil block, one of my favorites and was able to get it partly done while working at the library.  Then, I got home and looked at again and thought “What was I thinking?”  Not enough contrast…the green does not go…see for yourself…just plain ugly!Extra mammafairySo I started a new one…I did finally finish the original block and will send it along as an extra block…who knows – she might need one for the back of the quilt…but I like the new one so much better.MammafairyThen, since I was on a roll, I tackled the last block…one that was to be grid-like.  I did not want to replicate the other designs too closely, but settled on a modification of a design from the Modern Blocks book.  Here is what I came up with…Kettleboiler's grid blockWhat a productive day!  I even was able to run and put away several loads of laundry while working at home.  I always feel better when I am on time with things.  My local post office even has the easy do-it-yourself postal center so I can get all of these posted today even though it is Sunday.  Now, some outside time and some grading..woo hoo!



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3 responses to “Check, check, double check!

  1. Seriously productive there, and yay for needing bigger rooms!

  2. Glad you rethought that block you were working on at the library. I think the white in your new version shows off the pretty red prints much better and gives us design in your piecework that is clearly visible. 🙂

  3. Barbara

    You always have the most wonderful fabric – I love what you do with color and design. As usual, you are a most impressive, multitalented woman!

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