Oh, but where will it go?  Last night I went home from work and finished up my little bag for the Friendship Bag Swap.  Here is the little cutie…DSC_0145

It poured on my way home today, but then the sun came out and I got this good pic.  I also got a good pic of some of the irises in the front yard, before the deer get to them 🙂  DSC_0140

These are irises that originally came from my parents yard and have been transplanted as we move around.  Now where was I?  Oh, so last night I was looking online at who had sent and received in the swap, and it seems that the person that I am supposed to be sending to just received a bag from someone else!  I am confused…what do I do now?  Stay tuned….

Update – all is good….my bag can  go to who it was intended for woo hoo!  Now for the goodie selection!



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2 responses to “Finis!

  1. How bizarre on the swap! I’ve had that happen once before too, but in a non-fabric related swap, it turned into a right pallaver!

  2. Your bag is so cute! I’m glad the swap confusion got sorted out. 🙂

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