Busy, busy, good

I have found that my weekends are indeed too busy.  Generally I like a day to do what I need at home, things that don’t get done during the week when I finally get home from work.  The first weekend in May I was at a professional conference all weekend, so minor details such as laundry and the grocery store did not happen.   This past weekend looked pretty booked too…fun stuff, but booked.  The kick-off on Friday night was the second of three free motion quilting classes that I had signed up for.  Here are some pics of what I could do on a long arm…


IMG00455-20130510-2053Not great but not too horrible.  If only I could transfer that skill to  my home machine… if only I could take a chunk of time now and try 🙂

A while back I signed up for a serger class at the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo.  It had to be Saturday morning…at 8:30…in Baltimore which is about an hour away.  I figured that at least the traffic would be light – which it was until I got close to the stadiums and the convention center.  There was a Color Run that morning and everyone in their bright white t-shirts were parking and going to the stadium.  In a Color Run you get literally have color thrown at you at stages of the run.  At the end you look a bit like you went through a tie-dye machine!  Later in the day it was fun to see the families all full of color and walking around as if nothing at all was unusual.  Any hoo, I learned a  lot from the serger class and hope at some point to get one.  To complete my day I went home, listened to The Likeness on a play-away and worked on my Simply Solids block for May….

quarter log cabinSunday was Mother’s Day in the US.  In the morning I went for a 3 mile run, making up for missing the Beginning Women Runners group run that I missed Saturday morning.  Then I worked at packing up the goodies for the Friendship Bag Swap.  I like to get things done on time…and stress a bit about them if it gets close to a due date and I am not done.  Fortunately, it was done and mailed yesterday…on time…at least 6 hours to spare!

DSC_0153The afternoon was spent with my daughter – we did a few errands in town and then walked around the pond that is behind my house.  We only saw one turtle – maybe it was a bit cool for them.  I love the irises in bloom….

DSC_0159then we sat in the sun on the little island and enjoyed the trees…thinking about how old those trees might be.  There have been so many wild storms recently that some of the older, taller trees have come down, so we need to enjoy them while they are here – and doesn’t it seem like a study in greens?  How many shades of green can you see?

DSC_0158To cap this busy weekend was a delicious 3 generation dinner, made by my daughter, including a chocolate dessert.  I guess we need to enjoy the busy, full weekends while we can.  They are busy, busy, but good!



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4 responses to “Busy, busy, good

  1. Loved all your pictures, Lynn. Sounds like it was a great weekend indeed.

  2. Sounds like a busy month so far, hope you get a bit more P&Q for the weekends for the rest of the month!

  3. A really lovely post, Lynne. Sounds like you are really enjoying life to its fullest!

  4. I really like your blocky fmq, and how cool that you took a serger class! I just bought mine and hoped for the best. 😀 Your weekend sounded like a lot of fun!

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