Tmeline for a rush gift for a colleague…

So, early Monday morning I received an email from my Principal saying that she was going to ask a big favor of me – I believe that the words “epic proportion”  might have been there somewhere.  OK, I thought…dreaded carpool duty all week….turns out, she was asking me to make something quilty for a colleague that is retiring.  We discussed it a bit on Monday and came to the decision that it should be something that everyone could sign, that would wrap her in love.  Well, the obvious thing would be a quilt or throw.  That was Monday…Monday night I looked at my stash and ideas…and the date we needed it by, just over a week away and decided no can do.  This was the last week of school – there were exams to grade and kids to tend to and a big class trip.

Tuesday we talked some more, and I put out a query for ideas from my DC Modern group.  We tossed around ideas of something she could use and see every day..placemats, a table runner, and basket.  That was it – a fabric basket – she is an incredible fabric artist and is always carrying around the her work materials.

By Wednesday I gathered fabrics and chose a pattern – Noodlehead’s divided basket.

Thursday I brought in strips of fabric that people could sign – all prepped with freezer paper on the back delineating where you could sign and my principal brought in a bunch of Pigma pens.  These strips travelled around the building and on a pool trip.

Friday was supposed to be Field Day, but rain was definitely coming so it was cancelled 😦 / 🙂  I know, the little kids love Field Day, adults like it too, but when there is sooooo much else to do……   I slept in and started making the patchwork pieces for the front and back of the basket.  Here is what I came up with… Basket side 1 Bsket side 2There is no writing at the bottom of the strips because that is where the fabric will bend around to the bottom and hence will not be seen. Last night I worked on putting the actual basket together.  I debated whether to make the divider – if the basket would be rigid enough without it – I hope so because I did a simple lining…I was on a roll, and since night-time pics don’t show too well, I didn’t take progress pics.  More work today, hopefully!



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3 responses to “Tmeline for a rush gift for a colleague…

  1. Barbara

    Fabulous idea! I can’t wait to see it!

  2. Well rescued from the original quilt idea!

  3. Good job being realistic about your time, and that’s a nice idea to make her a basket! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished thingy! 🙂

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