BWR – Run for Roses

This spring I joined a Beginning Women Runners group offered by Montgomery County Road Runners Club.  They offer this group for beginning or returning women runners with the goal of participating in a 5k in June, Race for Roses.  What a great program!  During “time trials” at the first meeting I could barely run twice around the track.  There were 2 planned training sessions a week, Tuesday evening at the track and its surrounding neighborhood and early Saturday morning on various trails in the county.  Groups of us often got together for our Thursday evening run as well.  Initially I was a bit concerned about even starting this program as I was worried that I would be the oldest and least fit of the group.  Well, although I was close to the oldest, I was not the least fit and the program was designed with pace groups so that there was a place for everyone. Well before the race we had already achieved the distance, and I did not have any expectations of any specific time for the run – I just wanted to be able to finish.  I was able to convince my daughter who is a distance runner to race also.  I figured that she could run her race and then go back to cheer me on!  Although our main pace group couch Liz (Whoop, whoop , big cheer to the fabulous Liz!) could not join us – there were 3 other volunteer coaches that ran with us at 3 different paces to help us along.  I ran the entire way…just as I really felt like walking I saw KT and she cheered me on to keep running.  As I got to the final stretch, Rina ran alongside me, really fast, so of course I ran my fastest to meet her pace and finish the race.  Beside the obvious acheivement of doing something that we could not initially do, it was great to be part of a group of wonderful women.  As we ran we shared about ourselves – family, work, wishes and lessons learned.  Thank you to my group members who helped me to pass the miles away.  Here is my group being silly after the race…  pace group edited and of course, before signing off, a pic of KT and I.DSC_0229



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5 responses to “BWR – Run for Roses

  1. Barbara

    Yay! Congratulations to both of you. You continue to be an inspiration!

  2. Melissa

    Congratulations Lynne!!!. You even look good after the race too!

  3. What a weekend! Congratulations on the run.

  4. Oh boy, congratulations! That’s a great accomplishment! 🙂

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