DCMQG Retreat!

Disclaimer…new phone + new flickr = problems  If I send pictures from my phone to flickr I cannot figure out how to rotate and resize them.  Also, they just aren’t the same quality as my regular camera, which I knew would be the case, but the pics look ok if they are tiny 😦

This past weekend the DC Modern Quilt Guild had a retreat.  One of our members is a house mother on a college campus so we were able to use her “house” while students were not there.  Her house, however, is a frat house!  Large and clean with a big room for sewing and a front porch for sitting and chatting and looking through shared books and and picnic tables out back to enjoy dining outside.  I arrived Friday afternoon and set up my machine and then got started on my project for the weekend…making a super-tote by noodlehead.  By dinnertime all that I had done was cut out all of my pieces. For the exterior front and back I used a piece of Echino that I had just enough of.  the gusset was hot pink Essex linen and with aqua blue Essex linen handles, and the lining is color weave by P&B Textiles….. I was surprised how long it took me.  I was debating about how much interfacing to put in, so instead delayed the decision and after dinner started putting together the inside pockets and the zipper panel. I bought the extra sized zippers from zipit and was glad that I did.inset zipper

Saturday morning was my Run for Roses Race – first on in 30 something years – see this blog post, but it took me a while to get back to the retreat, by then lots of bags had been made so I took advantage of their expertise.  I finished cutting and ironing on the interfacing – I might have overdone it as it is realllllly stiff!  Then came making the body of the bag including putting piping on the pocket and attaching the gusset.

attaching gusset

Next came attaching the lining to the main bag.attaching lining to main bag

and finally my finished product… the zipper panel  DSC_0241 that opens fiully to reveal the elasticized pockets and the key fob that I included – I hate to go messing around the bottom of a purse to find my keys 🙂DSC_0242and the final bag.  I am very proud of it!DSC_0235



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3 responses to “DCMQG Retreat!

  1. This came out so pretty, Lynne! I mean, really gorgeous. Can’t wait to see it in person!

  2. I hope that you get lots of use out of it. It is really beautiful!

  3. Heh, I love it! That bright pink gusset made my eyes pop open, but it’s awesome! 😀

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