A funny thing happened today…I have a little Flickr spot on my iGoogle page (yes, it is still there – I love it – and don’t you dare tell Google that it is not supposed to be there anymore) and all of a sudden one of my pictures was getting lots of comments.  Now, this is the picture of my super-tote, hanging from a tree branch in my front yard, and I am really proud of it, but was surprised to see that I was getting so many comments on it, and so many favorites.  And, some of these folks were not the usual suspects in the quilter world.  I looked again earlier today and the picture had 541 views.  Egads!  How could that be?  Later it had over 1000 views!  What is going on????  It is this picture that I did not even rename….so I started poking around Flickr to see if I could figure out what was going on….and then I clicked on the Explore tab and scrolled down, there it was!  How did that get there?  As I write this post it has over 2,100 views.  Hmm….as I looked at the other pics in the Explore section, my bag is in really nice company 🙂


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  1. My computer’s being slow so I didn’t get to see your picture in the Explore tab, but wahoo! Yay for your DSC_#### picture! 😀

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