A finish…

When I signed up for the Mug Rug Revival swap…I knew that the send by date was the end of June…no problem I said to myself.  For the uninitiated, a mug rug is bigger than a coaster and smaller than a placemat – just the right size for a mug and a little something else.  Well here it is getting close to the end of June, and I am done.   I missed out on the New York Beauty Quilt-along, so I thought that I would use this as an opportunity to try it out.  The tutorials are for 8 inch blocks, a perfect size for a mug rug.  As for colors, she likes brights so I went for rainbow.  I made block 7 in the ROY G BIV order – well minus the I.Mug rug squareNext came quilting and binding.  I used a shiny variegated thread …but I don’t think that you tell that in pics of the backDSC_0260

or the front.DSC_0259Today I added a few goodies and sent it on its way.  It actually is not going too far…just across the river 🙂  Hope that she likes it!



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4 responses to “A finish…

  1. I know you’re in the DC area, and I’m in the DC area – I hope it’s mine!

  2. Well I know it isn`t coming to me now, because I know for sure that you don`t live across my river. Boo hoo.

  3. Ann

    Its gorgeous! Great Mugrug… think it can get lost in the mail and land at my doorstep? 🙂

  4. Very nice! I like the rainbow! 🙂

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