This coming week is what I really consider to be my summer break – not just summer vacation, but my break.  After a short trip up north, this will be my time at home to do mostly just what I want to do.  Yes, there will be those doctor’s appointments and a few other things, but from now until mid-August I am around and will be in full putter mode.  This means reading, swimming, running,  cleaning/sorting, and of course some serious sewing.  This therefore is the time for goal setting.  Earlier in the year I was participating in the A Lovely Year of Finishes group, but got a little sidetracked by life.  I never completed…or really even started my April goal that I posted here, so that project is going to be my July goal for ALYOF.  Here again are the sashiko panels that I want to use:3 saahiko panels

So, what else is on my summer sewing to-do list?  In no particular order…

–  Work with Linda to make the sari quilt

–  Finish the last 3 blocks for QAWII

–  Arrange and put together the blocks that I have from the Piece Bee with You bee

–  Make a pillow/pillows for KT’s couch

–  More?

Let the fun begin!



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2 responses to “Goals…

  1. I say again: your sashiko blocks are fantastic! 🙂

  2. Best of luck on your projects! I did A Lovely Year of Finishes for about a month but i couldn’t keep up. Figured I better quit while only slightly behind. Love the Sashiko! It will be nice to have those in a finished project!

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