Suggestions, please…

Well half of July has already gone by and I had not made any progress on my goal project for A Lovely Year of Finishes, so I decided that today was the day.  I had the embroidery done ages ago but needed to trim each of the 3 pieces to 12.5 ” and add the inner border, a swirly white on white fabric.  I want the finished piece to be a vertical wall hanging, so I stressed a bit as to which way was up for each of the panels.  Then, I remembered that since I save almost everything, I had the little pictures that come with the printed panel, so I was set on that account.  I even managed to press the white fabric without scorching it – yes you can easily scorch the white on whites – been there, done that!Sashiko panel with inner borderNext up is the outer border – fabric from one of Lizzy House’s lines.Sashiko with both borders

and then I stopped….I am not sure how to quilt it.  I know that I will not do any quilting in the actual sashiko squares, but what to do?  Hand or machine quilt with white thread in the blue borders, maybe flowers or a vine?  Make the blue border narrower and just bind it?  And looking at the picture, the blue border is awfully wavy – what should I do about that?  Fix (how?) or ignore it?  Suggestions on either or both questions please!



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2 responses to “Suggestions, please…

  1. I vote for hand quilting vines with white thread in the blue border! You can do that in two weeks, right? 😉

    Sorry, I have no suggestions about the waviness of borders. Mine are like that all the time, so I only do quilts that’ll go through the wash so you won’t notice as much. hehe

  2. I love the sharpness of the white sashiko on the blue blocks and the crisp white border around. I think it would be best to just do some simple machine quilting on the blue border in blue thread (which will probably take care of the waviness) and let the sashiko be the star.

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