The continuing sari saga….

The summer is flying by and the sari quilt is due to be finished by September sometime, so we really need to be making progress.  Last Saturday was a sewing day for the DCMQG and so Linda and I plunged in.  As a reminder…here is what we were sent…  DSC_0198DSC_0193I had a simple plan in mind…inspired by a diamond quilt designed by Kaffe Fassett, only simpler.  The idea was to put 12 inch squares on point and then use the various border fabrics as border.  The saris are really loosely woven, thin fabric and although they have been washed several times are still really stiff.  Thankfully Linda had found a facebook group of others who have made and are making these quilts this year, and they had some really good suggestions, such as lining the saris, but with a coordinating color and not white which would make the quilt look much more washed out – think low-volume sari quilt!

We cut and spray basted and started this layout…DSC_0408As we added more squares there were more design decisions to be made…and we discovered that we really needed more solid for lining the saris and also that the color of the lining was only critical for the lighter colored saris.  Here is what we had by the end of the day.DSC_0429Tomorrow Linda’s guild has an all-day sewing day, so I am going to crash the party and we will hopefully end the day with a top completed.  Stay tuned!



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3 responses to “The continuing sari saga….

  1. That’s so good of you to take the trouble to line the saris! I’d be moaning about using up extra fabric that you can only kind of see… :}

  2. Good luck with it! I’d never imagined sari fabric to be that fine, but then in the UK it’s flipping cold, so they probably user heavier weight fabric over here!

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