Not Quilt in a Day!

Yes, this is the continuation of the sari saga….all for a good cause.  Read here to find out more about Sari Bari.  We spent all day on it on Saturday and the only stitches were those piecing together bits of lining.  Today I crashed the sewing day at Linda’s guild and we made measurable progress.  There were a whole new set of people there and a whole new set of ideas and opinions.  We were working on setting the colors in rows and it just wasn’t coming along.  Linda thought to look at an end piece with a medallion, and that set us off on a whole different path.  After much crawling around on the floor and swapping out blocks, we came upon a design we were happy with.  We stayed past anyone else, and it was worth it…here is what we had at the end of the day…DSC_0436 - CopyIt is all sewn together 🙂 but not all pressed 😦

Before we left we played with the borders we were going to use to make it rectangular…  DSC_0437 - Copy

The borders are just set there as we have a bit of magic to work on the corners and we both felt that we should be fresh to attach them in a semblance of a straight line.  And then, we still need to piece the back and quilt it.  As I said…this is not a quilt in a day!



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5 responses to “Not Quilt in a Day!

  1. Ooh, I like all the squares being diamondey! And I’m looking forward to seeing your corner magic. Great job! 🙂

  2. Looking great so far!

  3. what a lovely quilt!

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