A beginning, a middle and an end…

A beginning…I will be going away soon, with a five and a half hour flight all by myself…what should I do?  I will take some hand sewing along for the rest of the  trip, but I don’t like to deal with sewing needles on a plane, so knitting it will be!  While in Maine I found this beautiful yarn that I purchased to make a Hitchhiker shawl that is pretty popular on Ravelry. DSC_0450 I wanted to start it to be sure that I was set before I set down for a long flight.  Here is what I have started, on size 6 needles.DSC_0449

I am wondering if I might also want to see what it looks like, and feels like, on 8s before I settle into a long flight.  Hmmm…

The middle…I am participating in drawstring bag swap organized for members of several modern quilt guilds in the mid-Atlantic region using Jeni Baker’s tutorial..  I have started one for my secret partner.  I have also been doing massive cleaning out of the closet where I keep fabric and came across these bits of lovely printed corduroy that was once made into a skirt or perhaps a jumper (I love jumpers…perhaps I am a bit too old for them…but they are sooooo comfy and easy to wear.  Can I be 5 again?  Please?) many, many moons ago.  So, while making the bag for my secret partner, I am also making a bag for myself out of this buttery soft fabric.  They are partly done and all pressed so I stuck them up on the design wall to get a quick pic.  drawstring bag panelsOops, I confess that I hung these over some other blocks that were already on the wall…you can see a bit of a fish block through the panel…oh well, you get the idea.

An end…not the finish that I was hoping for July for A Lovely Year of Finishes…but a finish nonetheless.  A string pillow for my daughter to match the fabrics for her beast of a quilt.  Ta da!DSC_0442

Onward to August…stay tuned for more of the sari story!



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4 responses to “A beginning, a middle and an end…

  1. Great pillow! Love the color combination. Nice work.

  2. You have been busy! Great job. I love the yarn you’re using. That will be a great project for the plane.

  3. Och wear what you like, we won’t tease you 😉

  4. That yarn is so pretty! Wait, is a jumper overalls or a jacket? I can’t keep it straight…

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