We’ve got…borders!

On the saris quilt, that is.  Yes, we are making progress, but much slower than I had ever anticipated.  The center square was already made, and the goal of the most recent work session was to add the borders.  One of the saris had a narrow border along one side DSC_0458and a deeper border along the other side.  DSC_0457I am not sure why the two photos look so different in color.  The first photo is a better representation of the color.

We used the difference in the depth of the border to make the square into a rectangle.  When you get to sizes this large for a queen or king size bed, it is ok that the sides are not that much different in length.  So here is what we had at the end of Friday…borders attached…all pressed and ready for the next step.DSC_0454

For anyone that recognizes the room where we were working, this beast is spread out on 8 tables pushed together, and still drapes over just a bit.

Next up…sandwiching, hand basting and then machine quilting.  We will be quilting on regular machines, and neither of us are pros at free motion quilting, so we are leaning towards something with straight lines that we can do with the walking foot.  Suggestions, please!



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3 responses to “We’ve got…borders!

  1. My only suggestion with a beast that big is that you have lots of snacks and drinks to hand as you quilt 😉 Good luck!

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  3. How cool — I like how you’ve done the borders! That quilt is crazy big. If it were me, I’d use it to learn to fmq a little, cause otherwise I’d die of boredom doing so much straight line quilting. That’s going to take forever! >_<

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