Tying up a few loose ends…

Before I know it, I will have to get ready to go back to school.  Sooo, I always like to tidy up my loose ends before I go.  Here is the progress report…

–  The sari quilt…this past week Linda and I spent one whole session basting the monster and then another session stitch in the ditch quilting on the diagonals.  Whew!  What a job.  It was hard to decide what to put on the back…here is what was chosen…DSC_0461the grey circle fabric on the back.  We are thinking of binding it in black…somewhat dramatic, I hope!

–  I am in a Simply Solids Bee and needed to do two blocks.  First up is the one for July.  Normally, I finish my blocks on time, but seeing how I had not received my June block from Miss July, I did not stress about it being a week late.  I now have my block and she shall have hers!  Is that too petty of me?  I know that things happen, but I feel that people should at least be in communication.DSC_0471I love the colors and these improv blocks are such fun to make.  FYI – the smudge apparently is on my lens filter.  Note to self…clean it!  I also wanted to finish up the August block.  I really got into my scraps for the ladders of colors and like how easily this block went together.DSC_0472And remember, the smudge is on the filter…

–  and finally, the MQG Lined Drawstring Bag Swap…my bag ( made from Lined Drawstring Bag for Swap – from Jeni Bakers tutorial  is ready to go…just need to fill it with its goodies and send it on its way!DSC_0465And while I was making this bag I also made one for myself out of this corduroy from a skirt or jumper that I made ages ago…   DSC_0467The strong sunlight has washed out the corduroy…it really is a very dark navy, darker than the velvet ties.  I think that it will be a knitting bag.  And…while I was out at the pond taking pictures, the turtles came to visit to see what I was doing…DSC_0469  They were chasing each other!  What can I say – I am easily amused!



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3 responses to “Tying up a few loose ends…

  1. That might be smart thinking on the block front!

    The smudge will be on your camera sensor – if it were on the filter you wouldn’t see it. What kind of camera is it? I can try and help with cleaning advice…

  2. So fun to see your sari quilt progress! I hope we get to see the finish at a DC Modern Meeting!

  3. I like the background fabric you two chose! Hehe, that’s funny about your July bee block. I guess she doesn’t read your blog!

    Your August block is so pretty! 🙂

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