A Monumental Morning…

For those who wish to see our monuments…and cannot…

So the running group that I belong to is preparing for a 10K run in November.  We train two weekday evenings and early Saturday morning,  Usually we run various places in Montgomery County, but this past Saturday we ran on the Mall.  Metro was on good behavior and we took the first train of the day downtown.  After a group pic at Union station…we ran towards and then away from the Capitol buildingmall 2

and then to the Washington monument.mall 3

It is having all of this work done repairing damage from an earthquake a few years ago and they actually made the scaffolding look kind of neat. mall 1

And then there was a stop by the World War II Memorial mall 5

and then onwards to the Lincoln Memorial. mall 6We did run near the Vietnam Memorial but not directly in front of it.   While on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial I discovered that my phone has a panorama picture mode…who knew?mall 7

Kinda neat, eh?  Heading back we went past the Korean War  Memorial,mall 9

and ran alongside the reflecting pool on our return journey.  By that time the town was a bit more alive with tourists getting off buses to view the sights.  We greeted them, wishing them a good day in our town, and received cheers and words of encouragement for our run.  We must have been quite a sight…a group of 30, 40, 50, and 60-somethings running down the path.

Finally it was back by the Capitolmall 10and to Union Station for breakfast and then on home.  All in all…a monumental morning.



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3 responses to “A Monumental Morning…

  1. Melissa

    Great pics. Especially like the Washington Monument pic.

  2. Nice tour, thanks! I only got to spend 1 afternoon in DC, so haven’t seen much, although the Washington Monument was definitely naked 😀

  3. Ooh, good job running! 🙂

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