a little bit of sewing going on here!  In my last post I was bemoaning about the drama going on in one of the bees that I belong to, and if I wanted to do any others.  Well, today a package arrived, what might be the last one before my own blocks show up at my door.  I am to make a Christmas block for one…and I already have that one ready.  I love these little elves…just a bit of mischief there!Xms block

The next one is a flower native to my area, on a neutral background.  I went round and round on this…and obviously am not done…I first machine embroidered the words but did not like how it looked, so I hand embroidered them instead.  I have the stems…the flowers are next!black-eyed susanHopefully I can finish this soon, and have it on its way!



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4 responses to “Finally…

  1. You’ve already done the hard part!

  2. Nearly there on the flowers!

  3. Your Christmas elves are so cute. I am sure your bee friend will love it. Good luck with the flowers. …..I am sure it will be wonderful. Enjoy!

  4. Aw, that Christmas block is sooooo cute!

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