A little progress…

This past Saturday was a DCMQG meeting.  I missed the last two so I really wanted to go.  Once again it was at a library in northern Virginia.  They are so kind and let us use meeting rooms 3 or 4 times a year for free.  This one was at a smaller library and a bit further from home, but I packed up my stuff and went.  The first part of the meeting was hearing from Katie Blakesley from swim, bike, quilt! about the process of publishing a quilting book.  It is something that I probably will never do, but it was interesting hearing about the process and some of the things were things that I had not ever thought about.

Then there was show and tell…I did not take pictures, but Jessie did a great post on the DCMQG blog.  I sat there and worked on hand sewing while admiring other folks work.  Finally, after a late lunch, I began to work on the center of the mug rug that I am making.  Here is what I have so far…mug rug startI still need to finish the flower block, so maybe that can happen some day this week.  I had a grading marathon the past few days, so should not have anything to do for a little bit 🙂  Have a happy week!



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3 responses to “A little progress…

  1. Oooh, I like that compass background

  2. That is very cool! Is this going to be a mug rug for you or for a present?

  3. Ooo, very cool. It was so great to see you this time!!

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