A run under the lights…

Before I became injured, Katie and I signed up for the Run Under the Lights at the Holiday Lights at Seneca Creek Sate Park.  I just LOVE holiday lights.  I love the brightness and cheerfulness at the darkest part of the year.  Around here there are walk-through lights at Brookside Gardens and at the zoo, but there was a drive through at Seneca Creek.  We had driven through many times in years past so I jumped at the chance to run through it.  They cap the entrants at less than 800 so it was a lower key race.  KT ran and I walked (finally I am allowed to walk some distance…hopefully to run soon) taking pictures as I went along.  I know that if I use the flash, you can see too much of the works of the lights, but if I don’t use the flash it is hard to get a good picture.  Here are a few nonetheless….the Gaithersburg logoGburg logo

The runners probably did not really appreciate the lights, but while walking I could enjoy them.

DSC_0854This is one of the larger ones…I could only get ones that did not have moving parts.


Although this one is terrifically out of focus, it almost looks like skiers with a spray of snow.


I particularly liked this peacock…


And here is one of my epic fails…I still think that it is pretty cool with its threads of light!

DSC_0849That is all for now…in a while there will be Zoolights!



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2 responses to “A run under the lights…

  1. The last one has a really cool effect!

  2. What are you talking about? The last one is the most awesome! 🙂

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