Me and my foot…

walking foot that is, spent some quality time together over the long Thanksgiving holiday.  My head was still clogged and it eventually turned into an ear infection.  I even spent part of my birthday in the urgent care clinic.  No one in the house really wanted to spend too much time with sniffly me, so the upside was that I had a new book to listen to loaded up and I could sit and sew 🙂  I had always liked this pattern that I had from Venus de Hilo.  It was supposed to be a pillow, but I thought that it was the right size for placemats.  You can make two placemat fronts from two fat quarters and stack and cut them together producing two complementary placemats.  Here is one set..


And here is the other… DSC_0874DSC_0876

Next up was the quilting…I really do want to learn to free motion quilt, but I don’t want to mess up something that I intend for a gift, so the walking foot it was!  The red ones were backed with green and the green were backed with red and I bought a slightly goldish silk thread so that it would have a bit of a shine.  Some echo quilting and I was on my way!





Oh, those darn threads!  Some day I will remember to check for threads before I take the pictures.  Last night I attached the binding to the front by machine.  Today there is a DCMQG meeting at a library in DC and I do not want to drive and lug my machine, so I have the perfect little pile of hand sewing to do!DSC_0941

By next week these babies should be ready to wing their way to San Diego for holiday gifts.  They don’t read my blog…so I am safe in posting…no sneaky peaks necessary.  Are you working on any gifts?



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3 responses to “Me and my foot…

  1. Good way to while away the hours, hope you’re feeling 100% again now!

    I spent the day wrestling with a bag that isn’t a gift, but I have to pass over to my parents at Christmas to pass on to the lady that commissioned it.

  2. How smart to cut two sets together! Good job getting some Christmas presents done! 🙂

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