2013 in Review

When I woke this morning and went into the sewing room…it looked like an explosion. I am not even sure that I am willing to post a picture. Yes, it really is that bad. However, I went downstairs and while I drank my coffee and iced the hamstring – a consequence of trying to stay active as I get older 😦 – I played with my flickr account, making sets to get ready to make mosaics of what I did in that room this year.  So, here we go…first up are the bee blocks that I made, primarily for QAWII and Simply Solids Falu group.Blocks 2013a

And then there are the small objects that I have made this year…I really like to make smaller things and mostly they are given as gifts or donated…

small objects 2013

and finally a few larger finishes…  the batik blocks that had been sitting around at least 5 years…

DSC_0124black batik wall hanging

and the quilt that I made for the school auction…Kaffe's Bricks

and of course the monster sari quilt that I made with Linda


Of course, there are many things that I did not do or finish…my Simply Solids blocks – the ones that I did receive – are not put together and I still have a bunch of solids blocks from a few years ago sitting around.  Since I have reduced my bee commitments to two blocks a month – a charity bee heal @ do.good stiches – and then I send it off for someone else to put together and quilt, I hope to finish up some of my other projects sitting around.  More on that later.



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3 responses to “2013 in Review

  1. You had a beautifully creative year 🙂

    Happy new year!

  2. Melissa

    Amazing and beautiful!

  3. Wow! You had quite a year! Good for you to organize it this way. You are a busy lady but you accomplished a lot at your sewing machine. I hope your hamstring doesn’t keep you down for too long!

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