My mini-day-of-service…

Here in the US it is Martin Luther King Day.  It is a day to think about justice, but also about giving back.  Unfortunately it also might just be thought about as a day off from work or school, which it was for me.  Around the region there are many programs for people to join for a day of service…a time to give back.  None of these really worked for me.  I am always struggling with the balance of work and caring for my mom.  Today the doctor’s offices were open, so we took advantage of that.  This afternoon, however, I did my own mini-day-of-service.   I worked on my blocks for January for the heal circle of do.Good Stitches.  Twice each school year I have a small community service group that makes flannel quilts for Childrens Hospital.  I like the idea of kids making quilts for kids.  The heal circle quilts, in contrast, go to hospice patients and then to their families – that is the heal portion.  Here they are…a traditional churn dash…traditional churn dash for heal circleand a skinny  churn dash.  skinny churn dash for heal circleI think that we were to go for scrappy and mine are perhaps too matchy, but hopefully they will look ok with the other 20 or so blocks.

Also to post is my last Simply Solids block.  I made it a bit ago, but the lighting was so off on the pictures that I took that I waited and tried again.  Here it is…  circus swirl for simply solids It was fun to make and pushed me a bit to mix the neutrals.

Did you do any good service today?  Did you try anything new?



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3 responses to “My mini-day-of-service…

  1. They will look fabulous !

  2. It was just a boring old work day here, but nice projects!

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