End of January…already?

This month seems to have gone by surprisingly fast.  It doesn’t hurt that we  just had a long weekend followed by  snow days.  I don’t set my goals too high…I have learned my lesson…but hopefully they are achievable with just a little push.

My official A Lovely Year of Finishes  January goal was to make 3 more Blockapalooza blocks…


check,Blockapalooza 2

and check!Blockapalooza 3

I think that for next month my goal will be to make a small quilt top out of some of the blocks.  I am not too enthralled with how the colors go, but I think that they will be in clusters, thus making it easier to make a small quilt.  We shall see 🙂

In addition, I recently acquired an invisible zipper foot.  Here is my practice…you can’t see any of that purple zip until the end which is where it would have been enclosed in the rest of the seam.  Yay!DSC_1021

And here is the back.  DSC_1022Now I just need a project such as a spring skirt to use my new skill!




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2 responses to “End of January…already?

  1. Well done on both the blocks and the invisi-zip!

  2. You just reminded me that I have some of these Blockapalooza blocks in Moda Sunkissed somewhere in my sewing your. May have to dig them out. Thanks for the reminder – your blocks look great!

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