Shameless Self Promotion….

Yes, that is what this is.  One of the DCMQG members snagged us the opportunity to exhibit quilts at the Anacostia Arts Center.  This was not a regular guild show that lasts for 3 days and all members get to put in a certain number of quilts, but a curated six-week show that will only take selected works.  As the deadline for entries approached, I was not sure that I wanted to apply to put something in.  This was new territory for me.  Until the DC Modern Quilt Guild came along I did not have any local quilting buddies.  I was involved with several international online bees, but that is different, being buddies with folks you have never met.  My quilting became a rather personal endeavor.  So, a day before the deadline I looked at my quilts and decided to apply for 3 of my quilts, each that had a different look.  First up was the little Amish one that I had hand quilted  years ago.LMackay-Atha01 Second was this batik one that helped me learn how to do curved piecing.LMackay-Atha05

And lastly was the one that I call Kaffe’s Paintbox as it is made of Kona solids and Kaffe Fassett prints.  It is one of my personal favorites.  I made it as part of Oh Fransson’s! Paintbox Quilt-along.  Many process shots are under QALS and WIP.LMackay-Atha03

And the third one was the charm…that is what they wanted to display.  The exhibit opening was this past Saturday night and here it is hanging in the gallery.


Hmmm, look different?  Yup!  They wanted to display the back!  The back!  Really?  The back?  The front I suppose is a bit like the two on either side of it, and I do like how the back corresponds to the front.  I guess that is what a curated exhibit is all about.  There are pictures of many of the other quilts in the DCMQG flickr group, or better yet go and visit!  The opening was such fun for me!  To overhear people discussing it, reading the label on the wall that says that the back is displayed and then peeking to see what the front looks like.  Yes, I know that is an issue in that these visitors don’t know that they should not touch the quilts…I need to talk to the directors about that.  But to receive such good feedback about what I work on in my little room upstairs.  Huge internal smile…OK, big external smile too!



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5 responses to “Shameless Self Promotion….

  1. Oh how funny! I was there for the hanging but I didn’t work on yours, and I didn’t even realize that this was the back. I think both sides are awesome!!

  2. Congrats on getting hung 😉

  3. I love the back too! The shading and arrangement really work well. I am currently very into symmetry and negative space.

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  5. I just saw this on Pinterest! I love the back!! It makes it very contemporary! You have a “two fer” , because the front is lovely too.I live in a small town in the Sierra Nevada foothills. D.C., what a great draw for Modern Quilters! There is a small group of us, check out our blog, Artistic alchemy love your quilt, both sides!

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