Puzzle Quilt

Now that I have my own digital camera, I am pretty organized in taking pics and posting what I have been working on.  Not so in the early days – especially in those days before I had a blog – or even before the internet!  Ha, ha!  Yes, I have been quilting that long!  Recently my daughter brought home a quilt to wash…an older one that I don’t think that I ever took a picture of.  It was on our guest room bed for a while and now is in her apartment, used I presume by whoever camps out overnight on the futon.  After washing it, I decided that I needed a photo and that it was now or never…so here it is. Puzzle quilt 2Once again I took it to school and asked some colleagues to help hold it up in my classroom before I dropped it off at my daughter’s apartment, so clearly this is not my best shot.   The blocks were made in 2001 as part of a Saturday Sampler at my local quilt store, Capital Quilts.  Since this was done a while ago, I don’t remember the details, but in general you paid a nominal fee to sign up and each month when you showed up for the session with the completed previous month’s block, you received a packet with material and instructions to make one block.  In the session they went over  any details, pressing hints, new techniques, etc and had a door prize etc.  Each month I made another block out of the same pattern but with different dark/light placement, hence each block has a mate.  This is why I call it my Puzzle Quilt.  Some of the mates are easy to find, like the two churn dashes.  These two were not that hard for me to find…



For others it is a bit harder, like a puzzle.  Can you find the almost match to this one?DSC_0003The dark blue print in the above block was the focus fabric for the whole series.  It was never my favorite, but I went with it.  I wonder what I would now choose to go with it that might give it a more modern feel.  I learned lots of new techniques from the sampler and really did improve my skills, so I guess that it was worth it.

Puzzle Quilt Stats:

Started 2001…finished  July 2002

Size –  Roughly 90″ x 90″

Machine pieced by me, machine quilted by Annalisa Leonesa


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