Waaay back in June I had the surprise of finding that one of my pics had found its way to Explore on Flickr.  It was of my super tote hanging on a branch of the tree in my front yard.  Quite the surprise to me.  Now, I have a little flickr app on my phone, and all of a sudden today I was getting little notices…lots of comments…on which picture?  This one …DSC_0022that I had forgotten to post and finally put in flickr simply because it was with the ones of my do.Good. Stitches blocks.  At least this time I knew to poke around and find it in Explore.  The collection of photos is pretty diverse…some of places that you just say – I – want – go- there now! …to gorgeous flowers…interesting people and funny  little Lego shots.  There are a few other shots by sewists..but just a few.

On another note, while getting dressed this morning in my cords and multiple layers and scarf and coat…while getting shoes out of the closest… a sudden urge came over me…I WANT TO WEAR SANDALS!  There, I have said it.  Will my toes ever be set free?  Anyone else feel that way?



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2 responses to “Explore…Again?

  1. Congrats on the Explore! If you set your toes free here right now, you’d have very damp feet 😉

  2. How cooool about being in Explore again! You could wear slippers if you were near me… I wear em to work every day. 🙂

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