Just in the nick of time…

Yup, I finished my Feathers quilt top just in the nick of time.  Most QAL have some target date to be done by, and usually I pay no attention to that.  And many QAL have prizes, and I figure that I already have enough stuff.  But somehow I usually do get things done if I have a deadline, so I kind of pretended that it mattered.  The deadline for posting a finished pic was today.  I finished last night so I had a whole 24 hours to spare!  I kept pretty much on schedule, week by week,  constructing the pieces.  Then came the time to put it together.DSC_0088 There was one area that I was not thrilled about, so I made two new blocks and substituted them in. Next up were the long strips between the paper pieced feathers. DSC_0090 I did what the pattern recommended and pinned and sewed from the center outward.  Since I wanted to sew on the paper side, that meant sewing with the seam allowance on the left half of the time.  I am very fond of my machine, but this is where it would be great if there was just a bit more room to the right of the needle!  I really battled with the machine as I put more and more together as the paper was rather bulky.  Here, I am just waiting for someone to tell me that there is some clever way around this that I had never thought of.  If there is….please do comment!DSC_0094 But finally, after a bit of tugging and cajoling and pressing…ta  da!  Done!  DSC_0096

OK, so this is covering the guest room bed…doesn’t it seem to go rather well with the stuffies that always grace that bed? 



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4 responses to “Just in the nick of time…

  1. This is so pretty Lynne! I’m not sure what would have helped with the bulk. Did you take the paper out as you sewed in order to at least make that section that was already together somewhat softer?
    Love your sewing caddy in the picture!

  2. This looks awesome, Lynne! I can’t wait to see it for real!

  3. It looks fab, but why did the bulk have to be on the right? Could you not just sew from the other end up?

  4. Barbara

    Fabulous work, as usual! Did I tell you I bought a sewing machine?

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