FAL Second Quarter Goals

I have been sick and am home from work, trying to get my previously fever addled brain back into shape.  However, for better or for worse, I realize that setting goals helps to move me along, and I like that.  My first quarter goal was to finish make a small quilt from my abandoned Blockapalooza blocks and fabric.  There is still plenty more in that box – I use the Container Store sweater box system of storage:) – and so that shall be my goal for the second quarter….one more small quilt starting with these blockssunkissed gold1

and sunkissed gold2and sunkissed gold3

…top made, sandwiched, quilted and bound.  Notice the gold theme…not one of my favorite colors.  That is what I though about the green in the earlier blocks and they grew on me, so we shall see!




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3 responses to “FAL Second Quarter Goals

  1. Good luck with getting it done :o)

  2. I really like your red stripey pinwheelish block! 🙂

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