Another blast from the past….

This is part of a series of occasional posts that are blasts from the past.  One day I was sitting/hiding in the living room and looked around at what was there that I had made.  When I have nothing new to show I might as well show some things that I made before the internet was conceived.  Yes, I have been crafting that long!  In grad school I needed a part-time job and saw an ad for work in a needlepoint shop.  Did I know how to needlepoint?  Not really, but I knew how to knit and crochet and was able to talk my way into the job.  Then, I learned to needlepoint and calculate yarn, etc.  Really, my favorite part of the job was helping customers select the colors of yarn for a project.  I loved playing with the colors!  While there I designed and made a sampler pillow loosely based on the shop’s logo. Needle House So here is my first needle point project…yes it really was done in 1976  🙂


Next pillow, still during the same era was one made from a chart in a Maggie Lane book.  Over the years the pillow has stretched out of shape, but I still love it.


Fast forward twenty years or so.  I made  some other things that were gifted away, but wanted another pillow for myself.  This next pillow was a painted canvas which also came with a chart.  Unfortunately the painting was not accurate so as I did a little bit I realized that in the end the design would not be symmetrical.  I ripped it our and did it entirely by the chart.  I was sort of annoyed to have paid for a painted canvas and then to have to use a chart, but I love the pillow anyway.


There is just a bit left of school, so I hope to get back to sewing soon.  So many things lined up and so many ideas….I just need the time.  Soon, soon…




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3 responses to “Another blast from the past….

  1. Barbara

    How wonderful! My mom was a talented needle pointer and I have many of her pillows.

  2. Oh I just love these. Especially the house, so cool! Pretty fab for a first project!

  3. How cool that you were able to talk your way into that job! It sounds like so much fun!

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