For those who have no backbone..

Yes, for the spineless – that we will no longer be able to see.  For many years there was an aquarium in the Commerce building downtown.  For a long time it was dark and dreary, but endured.  More recently it was taken under the wing (or fin?) of the National Aquarium in Baltimore.  When DC Aquarium had to close just a year or two ago, I had heard that it had been one of the longest operating aquaria in the US.  We still had the wonderful Invertebrate  House at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo to get our fill of spineless creatures.  Not anymore!  Only last Sunday did they announce that it was closing…in…just…seven…days! Invert sign

KT and I knew that we needed to plan a last trip there and we met there Friday afternoon.  We checked out the anemones…anemone

and saw this little crab hiding in there looking for his lunch….crab in anemone


and this guy already seemed to already have acquired his lunchphoto_2

And then, as many times as I have been in that part of the zoo, I look up and see something I had not noticed – what a fun roof!Roof

So, even though those spineless creatures will be gone from the zoo, you can always check out the Insect Zoo in the Natural History Museum – they still have that exhibit, don’t they?

Oh, sewing?  Yes, there has been progress on that front also and I will be reporting soon.  Stay tuned!



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2 responses to “For those who have no backbone..

  1. Oh, no! My kids and I spent many happy hours in the Invertebrate Exhibit – how terrible that it is closing. 😦


  2. That’s so sad that all those places are closing!

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