Finish Along Third Quarter Goals

FAL-2014-ButtonI am already a few weeks into my summer, and I get to revise my ” wanna-do” list.  My start of summer list had lots of things…then I find that somehow I get side-tracked.  Now I am in a bit more of a let’s get real place.  Here is what I hope to accomplish by the beginning of October…

–  Finish the MQG Michael Miller Challenge.  I had a bear of at time trying a new paper pieced pattern, and eventually bailed and went more in the Dresden plate direction.  Here is where I am now with it…DSC_0192

–  Quilt and bind the second Sunkissed Blockapalooza quilt.  The front and back are both made….time to quilt and bind.Sunkissed #2

–  Quilt the Supernova quilt.  I have gotten pretty friendly with my walking foot, so straight lines it will be!borderless supernova

–  Finish the Sashiko panel – I had forgotten about this, and then had trouble finding it.  The top is put together…I find Sashiko a bit addictive 🙂  Now I need to give it some substance with minimal quilting and bind it with a sleeve so I can hang it.  Sashiko panel both bordersWish me luck!  In reality if these are not done by the time I leave for vacation mid-August, the chances that they get done are pretty low.  Keeping fingers crossed!



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3 responses to “Finish Along Third Quarter Goals

  1. Your dresdens look fabulous! Hey… I remember that sashiko panel! Good job digging up an old wip! 😀

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