I’m baaaaaack!

“From where?”  you might ask.  Hmmm…cough, cough…no where in particular.  Just whatever where.  Oh, that is not quite true as I did take a lovely vacation to the UK in August, but more about that later.  Let’s do a little catch up…working backwards…starting this weekend…or really this started earlier in the summer.

100 Quilts for Kids – Katie from Swim Bike Quilt started this project a few years ago and Heather at Quilts in the Queue took it over this year.  She has done a fabulous job…getting the word out, sponsors, prizes, a blog hop…just fabulous.  So, early in the summer I volunteered to organize a group quilt made by DC Modern Quilt Guild members.  To start I choose a paper pieced pattern (6″ economy blocks) and distributed some fabric at a DCMQG meeting.  I made some blocks and then received blocks from Anne and Linda and Jamie.  Here are my first blocks, more to give a true sense of the colors than anything else.10 Economy blocksMy little stack was growing.  Our September meeting was a sewing charity sewing day so I had the plan to be there to receive more blocks and have folks help to put the quilt top together. However, due to a brewing mini-crisis at home, at the last minute I was unable to go.  Fortunately, the lovely Liz was able to drop all of the collected blocks off at my house .

How do you feel about your sewing commitments?  I usually have some, as I like to be connected to the world, and not always in my own private little universe, but I don’t like to be stressed about it.  And stress I do if I am not going to be on time.  Maybe it has to do with my job, where I stress to kids that  things are either done on time, or not, you are in the classroom on time, or not.  So, I choose carefully what I say yes to.  Well, the 100 Quilts for Kids link up ends on Tuesday and I did not want this group quilt sitting in pieces at my house!  A few of the big hurdles from the start of the school year were past, including my big Bay trip and Curriculum Night, so Friday afternoon I started.  Before the sun went down I had this up on my design wall…Economy arrangement

and the rows were sewn together before I went to bed.  Saturday morning, after a lovely run with my 10K group along the canal, I put the rows together and pieced the back.  My good camera was out of commission, so these are cell phone pics and I feel that the colors are off.  Economy quilt topI needed to cross the river yesterday anyway to pick my daughter up at the airport, so I delivered the top and back to Aubrie who had volunteered to quilt this baby.  She does awesome work, so I was thrilled to hand it off to her and have her already talk about what designs she might do.

Whew…mission…at least my part of it…accomplished!



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3 responses to “I’m baaaaaack!

  1. This looks really great Lynne! I don’t know if I’ll have a chance to see it before it’s donated. I know Aubrie will do a wonderful quilting it.

  2. What an awesome quilt to make for charity! I love economy blocks. Your guild did a great job! 🙂

  3. Yay for mission accomplished! I do know what you mean about taking on too much though, I’m freaking out that I haven’t done my bee blocks for the month (although the queen was lovely and said she didn’t need them anytime soon anyway) but I really do fight to try and keep it all under control

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