The year in review….

Yes, I really am around, if just barely.  What has happened since I last posted?  Life.  A few highlights, you ask?  What comes to mind first, was that I ran the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Run, in what for me was excellent time.  Other than that…not much…just regular busy stuff of work and home.  I spent the first week of my much-looked-forward-to winter break in bed with the flu.  We have not even had Christmas yet!  When the whole family is back on the east coast we shall have our wee celebration.  It is the end of 2014 however, so I usually look back at what I have done, so here it is…first up the blocks that I have made, mostly  for group quilts for DC Modern Quilt Guild and Heal Circle quilts.  2014 blocks

And then there were the smallish things that I finished…

2014 smallish things

And then there were some larger things…three quilts that were for the DCMQG 1000 quilts for Kids drive.  The first two I made myself, and many people made blocks for the last one and I just put it together.DSC_0123


Finished economy block DCMQG quilt

I also struggled with but triumphed over my table runner for a Michael Miller Challenge.

table runner made for MQG Michael Miller Challenge

table runner made for MQG Michael Miller Challenge

There also is the Feathers quilt top that I have finished and handed off to someone to quilt for me.


And finally, there is the quilt that I made as a test quilter for an improvisational project score featured in The Improv Handbook For Modern Quilters by Sherri Lynn Wood.  Alas, my quilt is a two-time looser, as it was not selected for the book, nor to be displayed for QuiltCon, but here it makes its debut.

LMackay-Atha Easy Does It Quilt

 And a close-up of the quilting which was rather good for me 🙂

LMackay-Atha Easy Does It  close up

And that is about it.  I always have many projects going on in various stages of completion, and realize that I never counted my knitting…oh well.  Happy New Year!  I am looking forward to a healthier, more organized new year.  How about you?




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3 responses to “The year in review….

  1. thelittlestthistle

    It was a good quilty year, and it was lovely to meet up with you guys when you were over here 🙂

    Happy new year!

  2. Carolyn

    Love all your great finishes, particularly the improv quilt and the MM challenge table runner. Great year, wish I was half so productive.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Your improv quilt looks great! That’s definitely something I’m not good at. And such nice quilting! 🙂

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