End of Month Check-in

So, I have been AWOL all month.  At least from the blog, but not from life.  What have I done?  A bit of sewing…and I did finish my January goal for ALYOF 2015Yay! DSC_0490The border really is not as wonky as it might appear.  I have it hung on the laundry room door and the door handle pokes out a bit.   I finished this earlier in the week and waited until today thinking that I would go outside to take some artsy picture in the park.  This morning with wind chill it was 2 degrees outside.  Yes we did run in it, but after that there was no way that I was going outside for a photo.  I kept to minimal quilting and let the sashiko be the star.  There is some white on white and then some blue on blue quilting.  I debated on the binding, but again decided to keep it simple. Sashiko quilt rod pocketI was very good and made the rod pocket and sewed part of it in when I attached the binding and then did the hand work.  You can hardly tell that it is even there.  And so, January goal…Check! Anything else you ask?  Well, now that you ask….I did finish up a pillow for KT to go on her nice new red couch …DSC_0430 DSC_0431And I was very proud of my zipper skills 🙂  DSC_0433Do you see it?  No?  Well, good! Also finished is another pillow.  I made some of the pieces for this when I was making a pillow for The Great Pillow Fight Holiday Swap.  I just got going one evening and finished piecing and quilted it before I remembered that I was going to add a small white border.  Thus it is a bit smaller than intended, but still a nice fresh holiday pillow, all ready for the 2015 holidays!  DSC_0496

Now I need to decide what is going to get finished next month.  Onward to February!  



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3 responses to “End of Month Check-in

  1. Hooray for meeting goals! I’m so happy to see the sashiko finally ready for the wall!

  2. Always good to meet goals, but a bummer when weather interferes with your photography plans!

  3. Good job finishing your January goal! Your polar bear pillow is adorable! 🙂

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