ALYOF February Goal

Since I did so well finishing up something for January for A Lovely Year of Finishes…here I am off to be a bit more ambitious for February.  I am a little concerned that I bit off too much since I will be away a few days at QuiltCon and it is a short month, but whatever…let’s give it a shot.

Way back in 2011 I made these Summer Sampler Series blocks. 6028365859_a6bebc2722_o As the name implies, it was summer, and I get so much more done in the summer.  But then they sat, and sat.  Somewhere along the way I made or was given a few more blocks, and at this point have 16 blocks.  One or two I am not too happy about.  I am not thrilled with the Roman Cross one, for example, so I might take them apart and redo or replace them.  Fortunately, when I started the Summer Sampler, I purchased a large amount of the grey solid and kept it set aside so that i did not use it for something else.  It is one of the Kona solids, but does not seem to quite match anything on my color card, so I am glad that I did not just wing it for once.

So…here it is…my February goal is to make a few more blocks and then put them together.  The top, that is it.  By Feb 28.  Maybe???

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5 responses to “ALYOF February Goal

  1. Very pretty blocks, I like the look of the brights with the grey. Good luck meeting your February goal.

  2. Those are so pretty! Good luck with your goal! 🙂

  3. thelittlestthistle

    Good luck, and have fun at Quilt Con!

  4. Jo

    very striking with the grey background. Good luck getting it sewn together.

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