WIP Wednesday…Whoops!


So, I started this post for Wednesday, but it clearly did not get finished and posted.  My ALYOF goal this month is to get this baby put together, but first there are a few issues to resolve.  A week or so it looked like this – the original Summer Sampler blocks.6028365859_a6bebc2722_o

I wanted it to be a bit larger so I worked at making a few new blocks.

First off, the dog star which is one of my favorite go-to blocks.dog star

And then the Quatrafoil, another one that I like to make.Quatrafoil


While looking at how Freshly Pieced enlarged her quilt I got the idea for the Snow blossoms block.snowblossom


I also found that I had this Churn Dash and honestly do not know if I made it – it is in my colors for this quilt – or if I received it in a bee.  Maybe looking at the construction will give me a hint.  Either way, I like it so in it goes!Chrun dash


Also, somewhere along the way I made this extra Roman Cross block.Roman cross 1I don’t really like the contrast of this one, or of the first, but they are all in the group, and one or both will likely be remade or swapped out.  Here is what is on the wall now.  Solid Sampler early feb

It needs at least two more blocks, if not four.  I am off today and have a long weekend, so hopefully by Monday night I will have all of the blocks done.  We shall see!





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3 responses to “WIP Wednesday…Whoops!

  1. That’s going to be fabulous! I love your dog star! 🙂

  2. thelittlestthistle

    Getting close now!

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