ALYOF – March Goal

ALYOF 2015Wow!  It is already the end of the first week of March- how did that happen?  I already knew what my March goal was going to be…since back in January I made a master list.  Already a week into the month, and two snow days to boot and I have not touched it.  What is ‘it”?  Quilting the Supernova quilt…You’ve seen them around, mine is made entirely out of scraps…started back in March of 2011..exactly 4 years ago.  This was a quiltalong at Freshly Pieced.  It needs a narrow border ….the pieces are all cut – provided that I have not lost any in the past 4 years!  So, my goal is to attach the border, sandwich and quilt this puppy!

borderless supernova



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2 responses to “ALYOF – March Goal

  1. Kudos to sticking with your to-do list from the beginning of the year. I made one of those, too, but it didn’t account for new pattern/project ideas, changes in priority, special requests, and the oodles of babies coming our way in the next few months. At the beginning of the year, March was going to be my “finish some pillows” month, and April was slated for “selfish birthday sewing–aka work on the quilt I’m making for myself!”. Now, my daughter’s preschool teacher requested a quilt to be auctioned off as a school fundraiser (bumps March pillows out the window), and I have two friends and a sister-in-law expecting babies in June (and I’m expecting a baby in May, so I’d better get a move-on on their baby quilts!). I just need more hours in the day, or perhaps a duplicator machine, so that one of me can be the full time mom entertaining my 2 1/2 and 5 year olds, and the other one of me can sew sew sew!

    Your supernova quilt looks gorgeous! Good luck with finishing it! I’m sure you will be extra thrilled once it’s completely finished and you’re curled up under it!

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