ALYOF – April Goal

ALYOF 2015Ok, it is the beginning of the month and so I am back to my master list – my big sewing to-do list to finish things up.  And for April it says sew a top.  So coming up soon is Mid-Atlantic Mod. Last year I went, but I was very under the weather and as such did not get much done.  I did, however cut out a muslim for a top.  Well, it technically is not muslim, but old calico which I was happy to use up.  I am really looking forward to this year’s  event and my goal is not only to sew the muslim – and there will be plenty of folks there to help me fit it – but then to sew it in good fabric.  So there it is…my April goal is…to make a top!


And, just for the record…I have done a few other things…made this little pouch…you can’t tell from the picture but it has a clear vinyl window where the couches are.


And here is the mini that I started for the swap at Mid-Atlantic Mod.




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