As promised….here is an update on my month of the DCMQG Bee.  I started off the bee, and I was not too familiar with all of the participants, so I wanted to select an easy, peasy block. I usually don’t go for wonky, however I really liked what was produced from the wonky stars that I made for a bee a few years ago.  So, I asked for aqua or purple wonky stars with low volume background made from this tutorial.  I made two sample blocks, one very scrappy…DCMQG Wonky 1and one not….DCMQG Wonky 2

After receiving 8 blocks from my bee mates – yes, some kind souls made me two each – I made a few more blocks and here is what I have so far…DSC_0874

I am not sure where I will go with it from here, and it has no special destination.  If I made one star and filled the blanks with low volume, then it would be 42″ by 54″, a largish baby quilt or lap quilt.  Or maybe I will see what size quilts they want for 100 Quilts for Kids and expand it to that size.  Either way, it will sit on the wall for now.  Tomorrow I am off to a conference for school. In  past summers I have done some cool things for school such as this and this, and this conference promises to be the same.  Imagine a conference that they have all of the supplies you need and block out large chunks of time for you to play, learn and create.  Not quilting or fiber arts, but I hear that they will have conductive thread!  I will keep you posted on what I make.



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