Yes I am still here…

This year I dropped back to three-quarter time at school so that I would have more time to care for mom and generally be less stressed.  Apparently that did not translate into more sewing or blogging.  It is near to the end of the year and I am on break for 2 weeks and somehow there now is the urge to write an enormous post with everything that happened since July.  That really is too bit of a goal for me this morning and it would then never get posted.  So, I am going for little bits here.  I did get some sewing done this fall…so let’s see…  I made these two blocks for Heal Circle of do.Good.Stitches.  DSC_0917DSC_0918

Unfortunately this fall Heal Circle folded.  I really would like to join another circle or form a new one.  Anyone interested in starting a new circle or taking me in as a member?  Really, I am very reliable!

I also was involved in a swap that celebrated marriage equality.  It was a rainbow swap and here is the mini that I made for my partner.  I paper pieced the Xs and am really loving using a low volume background.


Next up will be posts about the DCMQG bee and holiday sewing…at least I hope that is what happens next!



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  1. That’s sad about the Heal Circle. I hope you find a new one to join! And your mini is gorgeous! 🙂

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