Year in review

such as it was…I actually tried to write a post a while ago, but could not get my account to save a draft.  But now, after thinking to change browsers…here I am!  I organize my pictures by month, so here are my major makings…

February – DCMQG did a swap with the Ottawa MQG, and my swap person really liked the upcoming Ottawa anniversary logo, so that is what I based her mini on.  It took me a while to figure out the piecing and to think about how literal to be, but I was pleased with the outcome.


In March I finally finished my daughter’s holiday gift of a place to put all of her Junior Ranger badges and other travel patches. The national park snow globe fabric is from Spoonflower.  I did finally get the patches sewn on and a few pins, but apparently never took a pic of that.


I also went to a DCMQG retreat and made a Sewtogether bag.  I used an Alison Glass motif for the main panel.




Not too much sewing this summer due to some disruptions…but in July I was in a pillow swap and my partner really wanted a Halloween themed pillow.  I don’t usually applique and decided to quilt, then applique and was pleased with the results.



August brought a few more disruptions, but I had this stack of wonky star blocks from two rounds of the DCMQG Bee, and managed to get them sewn in this improv layout.


I was in a winter/holiday pillow swap and was partnered with someone who loves grey.  I took a bit of liberty with that and wandered into silver, but all was good.


So, those are the big things that I made this year.  So, what are the not big things?  Blocks for the DCMQG Bee, monthly blocks for the Serenity Circle of do.Good.Stitches, and lots of little things, mugrugs/hotpads, small zip pouches, and the such.  Currently I seem to have lost my sewing mojo, but hopefully it will return tomorrow, just in time for 2017!








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2 responses to “Year in review

  1. Hi Lynne, nice to see what you’ve been working on! Have fun with your 2017 sewing!!

  2. I loooooove your Ottawa logo mini! And what a great sew together bag! :):)

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