Its a Fib, not a Lie

Fib front

Nowadays I belong to two guilds, a modern one and a traditional one.  I get different things out of each…one meets weekdays…one weekends…it works out.

The traditional guild frequently has themed challenges and most of the time I miss out on them, but this time it was a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) challenge, right up my alley!  Being who I am, I first checked to see if my Silver quilt (more on that soon) fit the size requirements, but it was too large.  Then I started thinking about pleasing dimensions for quilts, trying to remember the proportions for the golden rectangle, but thinking about that made me wander into information about the Fibonacci sequence.  The Fibonacci Sequence is a mathematical sequence in which the next number is the sum of the two previous numbers:


1+0 = 1

1+1 =2

1+2 = 3

2+3= 5

You get the idea.  It also turns out that there are many arrangements in nature that are in the Fibonacci Sequence, the bracts on pine cones and seeds of sunflowers are two of the most notable.

When I looked up the sequence, checking that I recalled it correctly, I saw images with the squares arranged so that they spiraled out.  Indeed, there is something called the Fibonacci Spiral, which was the quarter circle for each square continuing into the next one.  I made the sketch and figured out the dimensions.  If I started with a one inch square, then the rectangle that I wanted would be too large for the 100-inch perimeter allowed for the challenge.  I scaled the design down so that the smallest square was 0.75 inches and I was off and running.  I really like to work in solids and as I was sorting through the bin, I realized that I actually could come up with 8 shades of teal blue that became progressively darker.  Yay!  Ok, so not quite yay…it looks like I started with a white rectangle, but really it is a white square and a very pale blue square.  Yeah, I know, you really cannot tell that in a photo…or you can just barely tell here.

Fib detail

Construction was pretty easy, but then came the quilting.  My walking foot is my best friend and so I started with the Fibonacci Spiral.  Normally when I quilt curves with my walking foot, I use the edge of the foot to make parallel curves.  Since this was a spiral, I needed to add extra lines, and at the very end, I just winged it.  Actually, I was pretty pleased with my quilting.  On to the binding…

Since I made this all from stash, I had some solids that matched with I used, but not quite enough.  Now, I do love a scrappy binding, and did find this Alison Glass fabric that played nicely with the colors, so I was set.

So, there you are… a Fibonacci Sequence and Spiral.


Joining up with the Bloggers Quilt Festival at Amy’s Creative Side.  Go check out all of the wonderful quilts!



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7 responses to “Its a Fib, not a Lie

  1. Really neat. I like how you quilted it. (I love my walking foot, too.)

  2. Barbara

    I love it! Using all of your many talents to create something brilliant and beautiful!

  3. I love this – I’m a math nerd and I’ve wondered how I could incorporate the Fibonacci Sequence into a quilt. Lovely!

  4. How cool! I love your inspiration, and your challenge piece came out beautifully!

  5. This would be right up my alley. I love it!

  6. The quilting shows off this quilt perfectly. Great color combinations.

  7. Simple quilt. Stunning quilting. Brilliant idea!!

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