Columns, Columns, Everywhere

I am always up for a challenge, especially a sewing challenge.  In January my guild is having  a quilt exhibit at the Arlington Arts Center in Shirlington and this time there is a theme, Local Architecture.  That seems like a theme that I could get behind.  I recently had finished two pillow tops – one of NYC buildings and the other of DC buildings…see here…what strikes you?

DC fabric

To me, it was all of the columns.  That is what got me started.  Later, when I was asked if I had drawn the whole quilt out on graph paper and then constructed it, I had to admit no…I winged it.  I started with the Lincoln Memorial, with the columns, what else?  I like to work in solids and wanted a strong contrast and for the colors to be not too literal, so I started with a medium aqua for the building and black for the background.  After sewing a long strip of black and aqua, I cut it in half, sewed those together and cut in half again, and then repeated. Voila!  Columns!

just columns

Once I had columns, I looked at pics on the web to get general proportions and created the rest of the building.


On to the next building.  Just a short walk from the Lincoln Memorial is the Jefferson Memorial.  This presented two mini-challenges – the curved dome, and the fact that the profile of the curved building makes it look like some of the columns are against each other.  Oh well, that is really how it looks.  I choose a lighter aqua and was on  my way.  At this point I was shopping around for DC buildings with columns, and there are sooooo many of them.  Somehow I settled on the Supreme Court, and off I went.  Now, a note about this challenge.  These quilts were to be 24 inches square.  With my wing it approach, I made a building and then placed it on the 24 inch square that I had taped off on my design board, and then if I had lots of room, made another one.  At one point I put the three buildings on the black background, trying to figure out the placement.  It was then that I noticed that my Jefferson Memorial had columns just sticking up in the air without any cross-piece. Whoops!  It was good that it was just on the background and was relatively easy to fix at this point.

first layout

Looking at it however, it was missing something.  More columns!

At the Arboretum there actually is a place of just columns.  This is also when I delved deep into my brain to think about the types of columns – ionic, Corinthian and doric and checking which these buildings had.  Just by luck I had constructed one building with each of the three types.

column layout

From there it was just a matter of jigsawing in the background.  For anyone interested in process, here are my journal pages on this quilt.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On to the quilting.  I procrastinated on this for a while.  I knew that I wanted to accentuate the columns, so I started there.  In the end, I found the back to be very interesting.

columns back

After a few mishaps – sewing the binding on backwards – having trouble sewing black on black at night – I present to you my completed entry to our show.

Columns, columns, everywhere

final bound column quilt


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  1. Very cool design. I love how you shared the process steps.

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