Star Blazer Planner Cover

I love everything that Sari (aka Sarah Thomas or @sariditty) does, so when she put a call out for testers, I jumped at the chance.  I seem to recall writing something like “arm waving wildly in the air – pick me, pick me!”  I have never had a Quilter’s Planner, but decided that I would give it a try this year as it would help me meld together my sewing life with my personal life, all in one spot.  Sari sent me the files to test and I started planning.

I originally was going to use all solids for the cover.  Pantone had just announced their 2018 Color of the Year, and it was….wait for it…ultraviolet!  Well, as a science person who loved teaching about  light, I know well that ultraviolet is not something that you can really see, so how could I sew with it?  Their take is that it is a particular shade of violet.  I wrote Kona and heard right back that they thought that Bright Periwinkle was a great match for ultraviolet.  You need to know that I love, love, love purple.  Although I am a pretty drab dresser, I love purple.  I even graded in purple and still have lots of purple pens lying around the house.

I ordered fabric and was on my way.  Once I received this gorgeous fabric, however, I was not sure how I was going to use the colors for all of the flying geese and stripes in the star panel.  I kept on rearranging the solids, but none of the layouts called to me.

IMG_4651 (2)

This put me off for a day or two, and then I finally went for my tried and true box of Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  Violets and purples – I have lots of them!  Now I am on my way!


First I made the center star panel.  Easy peasy.

Next were the paper-pieced flying geese.  I can only do so much at a time, but soon those were done too.  When you are using a solid as your background, it is a bit easier as both sides of the fabric are the right side.

starblazer pieces

On to the inside…There are left and right panels that hold the book cover in place.  It works like an old-fashioned school book cover.  Did you need to cover all of your books in school?  I did – brown paper sacks did the job!  Kids don’t know how to do that nowadays.  There were four optional add-ons in the pattern and I did 3 of the 4.  The ribbon page marker and the elastic to section out the back of the book were definites for me.  I also added a piece of elastic to corral a pen or marker.

starblazer back inside alone

The front interior panel showed a vinyl business card pocket.  I liked that idea and set it on the angled pocket.  I can put my business card there to show that it is mine – as if no one would know whose planner it was by the cover!

starblazer front inside cover

I did not make the other small pocket as I really couldn’t think of what might go into it.  Any ideas?  Ok, now that I think about it, it would be a good spot to stash little sticky notes.  Oh, well!

Before I did the final closing up, I did do a test to be sure that it was going to fit properly.  Too big is one thing, but I would have been annoyed with myself if my seam allowance was off and it was a tad too small.  I also found out that some of my geese are flying the wrong way.  Wouldn’t that be typical for me?  Just goes to show that no matter how well written a pattern might be, there always is the possibility of user error when the sewist does not follow the pattern correctly.

Here it is…a Sari-designed Star Blazer cover for my Quilter’s Planner!  Woo hoo!  I love it!  Thank you, Sari, for an awesome pattern!

starblazer front on bookLet the organization begin!



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5 responses to “Star Blazer Planner Cover

  1. Love the pattern and your version of it! I hope the planner is useful. I’ve never been good at using one.

    • Thanks! I am hoping the planner will work out. For years I used a planner at school – for the last decade creating my own planner that fit that year’s teaching times – so I might just need to get back into the habit.

  2. Barbara

    This is beautiful! I’m thinking I might need one.

  3. Wow it turned out fantastic!!!

  4. This turned out so beautiful for you! I’ve always wanted to make a cover for my iPad with a pocket for earbuds when I listen to my audiobooks. Thank you for the inspiration! And, yes, we covered our school books with brown paper sacks, too!

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