My 2018 Q1 FAL list


Ok, so if you read my blog you will see that I am rolling over several (as in many) items from my last quarter 2017 post.  Yup, just need to keep trying to finish up!  I have until April, right???   Here are my 2018 Q1 goals:

  1.  Quilt and bind pastel charity quilt – Someone else pieced this – don’t know who – but I stepped up to quilt and bind for 100 Quilts for Kids.

pastel charity quilt

2.  Quilt and bind Arkansas Traveler quilt – Many of these blocks were from a Solids Bee in 2013 on Flickr.  In 2015 I made the large blocks and pieced this together.  It is currently a top, so needs quilting and binding.

Arkansas Traveler

3.  Quilt and bind Piece Bee with You quilt – Also from a Flickr bee, 2012.  I still am in touch with two of these folks…so that is good!  Blocks pieced together in 2015 and then bordered recently.  Needs quilting and binding.

fish quilt

4. Pajama pants – Flannel PJ pants – meant for Christmas, oops!


5.  Baskets Quilt – No idea how old these are…I was cleaning out and purging my stash and found this project.  It was a program run by my local quilt store, obviously a very traditional quilt.  I gathered all of the blocks and associated fabric.  Need to…create a top, quilt and bind.

basket quilt

6. X and Plus Quilt – These are from one round of the DCMQG Bee plus a few more from a mini-bee.

X plus quilt

7. Embroidered needle book – From an Alison Glass workshop at QuiltCon 2014.  I need to put something in the lower right section.  Plus, it is not going to be a needlebook, but something else…perhaps I will frame it.


8.  Mini-quilt from Alternate Grid Workshop at QuiltCon 2017

Alternate grid

9.  Quilt from Denyse Schmidt Workshop

DS workshop

10.  Snowflake Potholders – I love snow and snowflakes, so this fabric from Spoonflower called to me.Snowflake potholders

11.  Dresden  – Anne showed me how to make this at a DCMQG retreat but I really need to finish this up as a mini-quilt.



12.  In 2017 I finished a quilt for my bed, now I need to make two quilted pillow shams to go in the bed.  I have the extra quilt blocks, extra fabric and the pillows – I just need to piece, quilt, and complete the pillows!  If I am good…it will be my first finish!

Whew!  That is it!  For the last quarter I said that if I completed six of them I would be happy!  Well, I completed 5 of them and a sixth was almost completed before it had to be aborted due to a yarn problem.  Not too bad, especially if I can avoid adding to the WIP list!


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One response to “My 2018 Q1 FAL list

  1. Elle

    Great list! We will both be busy bees this quarter!

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