2018 – The Year of 100s

I did two one-hundreds projects last year.  At times I feel that I am so scattered and flit from project to project, later cycling back to other things, but last year I started and kept to two projects that involved doing something for 100 days, in a row.
The first was the 100 days project.  I saw the project #the100dayproject on Instagram and then got the idea for half-square triangles from Katie @swimbikequilt.  I actually did two sets of HSTs,  Essex teal with the dusty charm pack and Essex steel with brights.  Did you know that the big Kona charm packs are in the same order as the pictures are listed on the website?  I started on April 3 and went until July 11.


At first I posted my pictures every day, but later I made them each day and then posted every few days.  That made it more fun to arrange the blocks.

Truth be told, it probably took me as long to trim the blocks as to sew them.


Currently the two sets of 200 blocks are sitting in plastic shoeboxes waiting for their turn on the design wall.

The second project was making Tula Pink’s 100 blocks.  I had purchased the book a few years ago and even had taken it to the printer to have it made into a spiral bound book – highly worth the few dollars.  It is a thick book and now each page opens and lays flat.  The goal of that project was to post the completed block on the correct day, and then keep going until the end.  I worked on them daily at the start, and then worked a week at a time and then jumped ahead to the blocks for when I would be on vacation.  I used some Tula Pink fabric – thanks to my guild mates for offering up some of their scraps.  I also used this as a chance to dive into my stash and use some of the bits of novelty fabric that I have.  Here are some of my fav blocks.  These are the pics that I posted, sorry that I did not go back and recrop them all, but if you want to see all one hundred blocks, you can go to #tinkingalong100days on Instagram.


2019…I don’t think that I will do any more time sensitive projects.  After all, I have all of these blocks to put together as well as a few block of the months going on, but more on that later!


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