Blast from the past and lessons learned

But just how far back, I am not sure.  While cleaning out, and doing a little bit of purging of my sewing stuff, I came across a bag with the blocks and material from a Saturday Sampler program from my local quilt shop, Capital Quilts.  Each month there was a little kit and a pattern and lesson for a nominal fee…really nominal, two or three dollars.  I learned a lot from them about cutting,  seam allowances, pressing and construction methods in general.  I had completed the quilts from the first two years – one is on the guest room bed and my daughter has the other.  Then there was a year of baskets and one of buildings.  I had made ten of the twelve baskets and about five of the buildings.  My best guess as to when I made these is the late 1990s or early 2000s.  The first quilt was labeled 2000, and I am sure that it took me a few years to get it completed and quilted.  Plus, look at the color palette – navy, brick-red, dusty blue and mauve pink – doesn’t that scream 90s to you?


As of a week ago I had the ten baskets and went through the instruction sheets -(which of course I had all nicely collected in a folder) to figure out which ones I didn’t make.I looked for a date on the sheets, but not one had a date.

Lesson #1 Date things…not just your finished quilts but when you start things.

One day I finished the two baskets and then did the math to figure out the side, corner and setting triangles and got to work.  It was finished in a jiffy!  Sometimes I wonder why I don’t finish things when sometimes it doesn’t take very long.  I know, there are lots of tugs on our time, but I obviously have made gazillion things since I made those baskets.

Lesson #2  If it will only take a wee bit more time to finish it…do it!

Here is the completed top.


Although the picture shows the top backgrounds being creamier than the bottom two rows, that is not so, and it wasn’t obvious until I looked at the picture.  The discrepancy is probably due to the poor lighting.  I want to do some appliqué to put something in the empty baskets, and I think I will use the fusible appliqué of flower motifs that I used in my scissor quilt – probably should have done it before putting all of the blocks together, but that just might have been what would bring the project to a halt.  While pressing the quilt I remembered an issue that I had with this…the background is of different white on white fabrics.

Lesson #3. Don’t over press or scorch the white on whites.

Also while pressing the completed top and clipping threads, I thought a lot about how my skills have improved.  Usually my points are better nowadays and I resisted the urge to go back and fix them.  I tended to have long threads on the back and realize that my new machine has a scissor function so I will no longer have a hairy mess on the back of a quilt, Yay!

So there you have it…the back and batting are all ready and now the top is also in the queue.  This is on my FAL first quarter list…and it might even get done!




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2 responses to “Blast from the past and lessons learned

  1. Barbara Bitner

    You are a continuing inspiration!

  2. Great lessons, and finished top! I’m reminded that I have some basket blocks cut and waiting for finishing. Maybe it’s time to pull them out!

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