Sew-Along Craziness Week 4

So, I have never quite figured out if it is sew-along or sewalong.  Same thing for the quiltalongs and the finishalong – and I am one of the hosts of the FAL!  I never remember which form I am supposed to use.  Oh well, no matter.  It has been a resonably productive week.

Plaidish Quilt

This one is not an official quiltalong but one some of my guildmates decided to creat.  The Plaidish quilt is a great scrap buster by Erica Taylor Jackman @kitchentablequilting  A friend came over to sew one day last week, and I decided that these blocks that had the components all cut out were the perfect thing to sew.  I could more easily do random combinations – I have trouble doing random and tend to over think things, so with the two of us sitting and sewing at the kitchen table it was perfect and I made the light blocks.  I started seeing more pictures of Plaidish quilts and that made me want to get going, so yesterday I worked on the medium blocks.  I just got them up on the design wall, and they don’t all fit, but enough to let me see them and get organized to sew them together.

IMG_0010 (1)

Vintage Lace QAL

This week was week 4 of Vintage Lace Quilt-Along by Brittany Lloyd of @loandbeholdstitchery and we were supposed to trim the HSTs, but I had already done that so I pluged onward to start to put the rows together.  The quilt is made of eight repeats of a half-medallion unit which is 6 rows big…got that?  I think I had a picture of it a few posts ago.  I decided to chain piece each row so I made stacks of 8 of each component that I needed for the top row. and then started chain piecing 8 units of what I needed.  When done I had these pretty things.  For these combinations, so far there were only a few combo where the points had to  meet, so it didn’t take me too long to put together 4 of the 6 rows.  Now they are in this pretty chain thing draped around the room.


Go Quilt Sewalong

Go Quilt by Lucy Engels – Week 5 so row 4…and the tip this week was to do some chain piecing of the units.  It was very dreary outside, but nevertheless I headed to the park behind my house to take a pic so that the purple would look purple and not black.  The lighting in my dining room is less than optimal for color accuracy.


See what I mean about the colors?  And you get a bit of vintage lace poking through.

IMG_9999 (1)


Serenity Circle of do.good.stitches

Not familiar with this group?  It is a charity quilting bee.  You can find out more about here and even join in the goodness if you wish.  I am now the leader of this little group and to get us going for the year I choose a simple block that we have made before, just in a different color.  The chunky cross in red, so I made 3 to get us started off.

IMG_9997 (1)


This month the queen bee asked for a  large trip around the world block, one 16″ block instead of two 12″ ones.  Soiunds fair, but she is a buddy of mine and making two is not much harder than one, esp for these easy blocks, so two it was.  Easy, peasy in these nice relaxing colors, and it even was ok to use some metallics!  They remind me of ballet dancers!


So, what do you think, a productive week, eh?  Now to think about this neew week.  My goals are:

  • Complete Plaidish top
  • Vintage Lace Quiltalong – chain piece rows 5 and 6 and start to put rows together
  • Go sewalong – sew row 5
  • Secret sewing – make a few small things for gifts

See you next week!





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