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Feathers Quilt – ALYOF June Finish!

This finish is perhaps a year and a half in the making.  January 2014 I joined the Feathers QAL for the quilt designed by Alison Glass.  The sewing commenced on January 3rd and I pretty much kept on target, having the top- minus the top and bottom borders – constructed by mid-March.  I had a wee bit of trouble with the background chambray as there were many, many defects in the middle of the fabric.  Fortunately I always purchase a bit more than they say that you need, so I was able to work around the problem areas.  The feathers are Kaffe Fassett prints, as I am rather fond of them.  Last fall I finally got around to getting it to Sue Bentley, longarmer in our guild, and got it back in January.  S0oooo, you wouldn’t think that it would take me that long to bind it, but there you go….I finished the binding and minutes later went to the park behind my house for a mini-photo shoot.  The dad and son fishing there were sort of wondering what I was doing, but …oh well!  Here are my attempts at artsy shots….DSC_0876



A close up or two…yes, it is quilted with purple thread!

DSC_0877 DSC_0883


And finally…the back…another Kaffe Fassett print.  I even did a good job seaming it!DSC_0880

There you go, June’s goal done!  Linking up with ALYOF – I was #82 of the goal setting party 🙂

ALYOF 2015




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ALYOF – April Goal

ALYOF 2015Ok, it is the beginning of the month and so I am back to my master list – my big sewing to-do list to finish things up.  And for April it says sew a top.  So coming up soon is Mid-Atlantic Mod. Last year I went, but I was very under the weather and as such did not get much done.  I did, however cut out a muslim for a top.  Well, it technically is not muslim, but old calico which I was happy to use up.  I am really looking forward to this year’s  event and my goal is not only to sew the muslim – and there will be plenty of folks there to help me fit it – but then to sew it in good fabric.  So there it is…my April goal is…to make a top!


And, just for the record…I have done a few other things…made this little pouch…you can’t tell from the picture but it has a clear vinyl window where the couches are.


And here is the mini that I started for the swap at Mid-Atlantic Mod.



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ALYOF…March Goal Met!

ALYOF 2015This year so far, I have met each of the monthly goals that I have set for myself.  Pretty good for me, but I hope that I don’t jinx myself.  March’s goal as laid out in this post, and # 132 in the linky party, was to quilt the Supernova quilt top that I started several years ago.  After taking the walking foot class with Jacquie Gering at QuiltCon, I decided on three intersecting spirals.  Of course I have not taken care of all of the little threads yet, but here it is…taken on such a sunny day that the vibrant colors are a bit washed out.DSC_0721I am pretty pleased with my quilting.DSC_0722And I even like the back…DSC_0724

The binding is attached to the front, but I still need to make a label and handsew the binding to the back.  Perhaps that should be my next goal!


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WIP Wednesday…or

the few days in which I wrestled with a beast.  So, here is the back story…I had this quilt that needed quilting…yes you have seen it here before.  DSC_0715

And at QuiltCon I took a workshop with Jacquie Gering and brought this quilt for the part of the workshop in which she gives ideas about the quilting.  And at the DCMQG meeting last week Meli showed me how to pin baste using straight pins and these silicon stoppers (Thanks, Meli!) and now I have to quilt it.  Three bobbins later, here is what I have.  DSC_0716

I know, bad lighting and not quite in focus, but maybe you can see the three sets of spirals I have going so far.  My machine – although I love it dearly – has a fairly small harp and so I felt like I was getting an upper body workout just by arranging and rearranging the quilt to get it through the harp.  This is my spring break, and I have a few more part days to work on it – and then maybe I can get some better pics.  My goal is to finish this by the end of March.  We shall see!


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ALYOF – March Goal

ALYOF 2015Wow!  It is already the end of the first week of March- how did that happen?  I already knew what my March goal was going to be…since back in January I made a master list.  Already a week into the month, and two snow days to boot and I have not touched it.  What is ‘it”?  Quilting the Supernova quilt…You’ve seen them around, mine is made entirely out of scraps…started back in March of 2011..exactly 4 years ago.  This was a quiltalong at Freshly Pieced.  It needs a narrow border ….the pieces are all cut – provided that I have not lost any in the past 4 years!  So, my goal is to attach the border, sandwich and quilt this puppy!

borderless supernova


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February Finish…Just Barely!

I really am trying to finish up projects, and goal setting seems to be a good way to do it.  During the first week of the month I committed myself to finishing my solids sampler quilt for my February goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes – #136 on the linky sign-up.  You can read more here about the summer sampler and my inspiration for carrying it further.  First I edited out some blocks and then needed to make a few more.  There was also the lovely interruption of QuiltCon – more on that soon.  Returning from that left me a bit behind in Life.  Suffice it to say that I knew that I needed to clean the shelves of my refrigerator because I could actually see them, as in there was no food covering them up!  Then came the wind…and the snow…and on Thursday the 2 hour delay became a snow day and for me it became a sew day.  I was able to sew all of the blocks into rows and get half of the rows assembled.  This afternoon I became a sewing machine and plowed through the rest.  I debated on borders – possibly none, but wanted the quilt to be a bit bigger as it would be more usable.  I looked at the fabric that was left and basically made it as wide as possible, and will think of it as negative space for the quilting – heard a lot about negative space at QuiltCon.  I was running out of daylight, so as soon as I just barely pressed the last seam, I rushed out to the park behind my house.  I really do need to learn how to take better pictures of quilts.  Here is one of the first shots…  DSC_0616

Then I tried draping it over the bench, but did not wear boots and did not want to tromp into sooo much snow in order to not have my shadow, so we have my shadow.  Makes me look really tall, yes?  And, yes that is the semi-frozen pond in my park.DSC_0618

Finally, someone came along and helped me to drape it on a fence.  Not great, but not too bad.


And so, with roughly 7.5 hours to spare….it is finished.  Linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes. ALYOF 2015


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WIP Wednesday…Whoops!


So, I started this post for Wednesday, but it clearly did not get finished and posted.  My ALYOF goal this month is to get this baby put together, but first there are a few issues to resolve.  A week or so it looked like this – the original Summer Sampler blocks.6028365859_a6bebc2722_o

I wanted it to be a bit larger so I worked at making a few new blocks.

First off, the dog star which is one of my favorite go-to blocks.dog star

And then the Quatrafoil, another one that I like to make.Quatrafoil


While looking at how Freshly Pieced enlarged her quilt I got the idea for the Snow blossoms block.snowblossom


I also found that I had this Churn Dash and honestly do not know if I made it – it is in my colors for this quilt – or if I received it in a bee.  Maybe looking at the construction will give me a hint.  Either way, I like it so in it goes!Chrun dash


Also, somewhere along the way I made this extra Roman Cross block.Roman cross 1I don’t really like the contrast of this one, or of the first, but they are all in the group, and one or both will likely be remade or swapped out.  Here is what is on the wall now.  Solid Sampler early feb

It needs at least two more blocks, if not four.  I am off today and have a long weekend, so hopefully by Monday night I will have all of the blocks done.  We shall see!





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